Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adam at Church

Adam was awesome today. During the sacrament I've been reminding him why we eat the bread & water. Today I asked him

M-who do we think about during the sacrament?
A- Jesus
M- what do we remember when we eat the bread?
A- ?
M- Jesus body
A- He got hurt
M- Yes and then he died
A- (inhales sharply in surprise)
M- Then after 3 days, Jesus was alive again. He was resurrected
A( inhales sharply in happy surprise) Awive?
A to Josh happily- Jesus Awive!

Later Dan was distracting Adam, trying to get him to be more still. He flipped through a "Friend" magazine. Adam saw a little picture of President Ukdorf and said "I know Him. Prophet! I wike Prophet!"

He also called President Packard prophet too.


Kirsten said...

cute. good to see you today. miss you and your family.

JJ and Kimberly Taylor said...

Very cute, and it is about time that you posted something!

Jen Hilton said...

ha, ha, I haven't in like a year, but this was too cute not to record. What are you doing up at 12:26 Kristen? Sophie playing?

JJ and Kimberly Taylor said...

JEN how am I suppose to keep updated with your little family if you don't update your blog!!!!

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