Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adam at Church

Adam was awesome today. During the sacrament I've been reminding him why we eat the bread & water. Today I asked him

M-who do we think about during the sacrament?
A- Jesus
M- what do we remember when we eat the bread?
A- ?
M- Jesus body
A- He got hurt
M- Yes and then he died
A- (inhales sharply in surprise)
M- Then after 3 days, Jesus was alive again. He was resurrected
A( inhales sharply in happy surprise) Awive?
A to Josh happily- Jesus Awive!

Later Dan was distracting Adam, trying to get him to be more still. He flipped through a "Friend" magazine. Adam saw a little picture of President Ukdorf and said "I know Him. Prophet! I wike Prophet!"

He also called President Packard prophet too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Adam is at the age where he "posses" everything. You know the "mine" faze. Though we continue to give him opportunities to share and take turns the phrase "NO! MINE" is often uttered. It had become so much of his daily life that I thought implementing some help from above might be good. So during one of his evening prayers (the kind where he tries to repeat what I say) we said something like this:

mom- "Dear Heavenly Father..."

Adam- "fa"

mom- Thank thee for Dad

Adam- tank, Dad

mom - Thank thee for mom

Adam- mum

mom- Thank thee for Josh

Adam - dosh

mom - Thank thee for sissy

Adam- sissy (at that point he couldn't say her name yet)

mom- Thank thee for cars (he spotted one during the prayer and wouldn't move past it until we mentioned it in the prayer. I suppose since they are one of his favorite toys, he probably is grateful for it.)

Adam- cah

mom- Please help me to share

Adam - NO. MINE!

Ah, yes, even here he understood the concept of sharing, but was unwilling to do it. I wonder how often Heavenly Father gives me instruction and I say, "No! my way."

Canning Security

The last couple days I've canned pears & pear sauce. I mostly do this for my own knowledge & experience and know that it is part of our emergency food supply. Today as Josh was lapping up some pear sauce (just like applesauce) he said this: "Mom, I sure am glad you can do these things. If the store ever closed I wouldn't worry 'cause you know how to do this stuff." I was touched at how profound that little statement was. I'm not sure where the comment came from, but was surprised at how much security it gave my son to know that we could be self reliant.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Beautiful Thing

During Sacrament Services it is a family rule to always sing. Everyone has an open hymn book & participates. So far for Emily, her participation has depended on me. I tell Em a line of song just before we sing it and then she repeats it in time with the music. Though she follows the words with her finger, the music is usually moving much too fast for her to read the words. Well not this last Sunday! I glanced over and noticed that she was following the song with her finger AND her mouth. Yes, she was reading the hymn and singing too, all on her own! It was Beautiful. Thankfully the song was a little slower and the words not especially complex. She beamed with such pride. We totally hugged at the end.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Emily is such a lover. She is always the best at giving a lot of hugs & kisses. This love does extend beyond family affection I am afraid. She has always crushed on boys, even from an early age. Sitters, family friends, even a new uncle-in-law for a while there. I am amazed at the confidence she has around them.

Last week at Josh's ball game, Emily was chasing around 2 babies, trying to keeping them out of trouble. Most of the older kids at the game happened to be boys. A group of them ranging in ages from 8-10, palled around trying to entertain them selves. Once when the group was close enough to our chairs, Em, who I remind you is six, hoisted a baby on her hip and walked right over to them to chat. She did it in such a way that it seemed she'd know the boys forever & was comfortable & belonged there. I'm not sure how they felt, but I was impressed with her confidence and bravery and yet horrified. What will I do with a girl who loves boys so much?! And we haven't even thrown hormones into the mix yet.

If you choose to continue reading- Please know that you are now sworn to secrecy & not allowed to tease Emily about the following. I am hoping that by not making a deal of her crush, that it will be that- not a big deal. Her latest & greatest crush now is Bob. Okay, his name is not Bob, but for to protect the innocent it's Bob. He is a young man we see often. Maybe it was his talents that inspired her, maybe his bow tie. I'm not sure, but she is smitten. She smiles a certain "new" smile when she leaves her lessons. Her latest crush episode was Sunday. When she saw Bob passing the sacrament I heard her whisper to me "I hope my Bobb- y comes to our row." MY Bobb-y?!!!! Yikes, I wanted to laugh and hurl all at the same time. And indeed, he did come to our row, followed by Emily's not so reverent hellos and attempts at conversation. We then had a nice discussion on reverence & how we can help the boys using their priesthood stay reverent too. Needless to say, her sweet feelings are so cute now, but I sincerely dread those upcoming teenage years.

Derby, Dirt & Deoderant

Josh has been a busy boy. He had a ton of fun at Pinewood Derby last week. Dan & Josh learned a lot & Josh did a fabulous job on his car. He made it every step of the way too. He sanded it, painted, & he even detailed the car! It was dubbed "The Wedge II" after Dan's derby winner in his scouting days with the original "The Wedge." Josh's car did really well in the beginning before all the graphite wore off. He placed about 4th in the Wolf pack & won an award for good Sportsman ship. On one of his races his car did a wheely and consequently came in dead last. Looking at his face you'd never know. He was laughing and was so impressed that his car did the coolest wheely ever. What a kid!

Dirt, well, that's how we all felt after sweating out every Saturday on the baseball fields with Josh. He had a great season with an amazing team. Below is a picture of Josh getting the game ball a couple weeks ago. He got his first hit and score that game. Kid-pitch sure makes for a much different game that Coach-pitch. Josh learned this year, that he makes a pretty great catcher too. Go #30!

And the deoderant. It was kind of in consequence of playing ball. All that heat and sweat made me realize that his time was due. So Dad gave him a quick lesson on how to slather the smelly stuff on. I loved these pictures. He thought it was weird he had to wear it occasionally now, but had fun in the moment.

I couldn't come up with another "D" word, but here is Josh at his school program. It was all very patriotic & Josh was great. He is quite the singer, though he might not admit that. This is Grandma Hilton, Josh & Emily afterward.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Six Eyes

Hers are "eagle eyes" and practically perfect.

Mine are nearly the same as ever.

And Josh, well, he's not too exciting, just a little change.

Thanks to Uncle Matt,our peepers are all checked up!